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Dhruin November 26th, 2009 09:38

Solium Infernum - Hands On @ RPS
We won't be overwelming you with too many Solium Infernum newsbits but since we've been following it lately, a hands-on seems worth mentioning. Kieron Gillen writes for Rock, Paper, Shotgun; it's hard to pull a quote, so here's a bit from the beginning:

What I think is that I want to prod around it some more. Much like Cryptic Comet’s last game – the genuinely brilliant Armageddon Empires - this is a hard nut to crack. If you remember, it took me a third of a year to actually persist enough with Armageddon Empires for it to click. Even then, it took until after the end of the year for anyone else to have properly explore it – and Alec, my equal and opposite in ‘orrible indie strategy – found it had worked its way into his heart. Jim never tried. And if John did, he’d have another one added to the list of games which made have made him cry.
Much like with Armageddon Empire, I’ve played a game, realised I didn’t get anything, restarted, and learned a little more. In fact, I managed to pull of a victory on my second go on a fairly small map. And – unlike Armageddon Empires – I actually sat down to at least skim the manual, because the first experience of the game was so genuinely bewildering.
Thanks, Malgrim.
More information.

skavenhorde November 26th, 2009 09:38

If Solium Infernum is anything like AE then you will need to read the manual or at the very least skim it over. I would actually like to get the manual before the game comes out to know what is different from your usual strategy game.

It looks like I'm no the only one who thought Armageddon Empires was bewildering at first, but once you get a feel for it then you won't put it down. Great article btw.

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