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Dhruin December 14th, 2006 23:07

Might & Magic - Interview @ Celestial Heavens
Long-running Might & Magic fansite Celestial Heavens has interviewed two UbiSoft writers on the Might & Magic franchise. The conversation covers the creation of the world of Ashan for the current series of games…but look for the last question, which refers to a new fantasy game in development. Here's a snip:

With Heroes V, Ubisoft created a new universe for the M&M series: Ashan. As the writer for Heroes V and Dark Messiah, did you take part to the conception of this setting?
[RD] I was very much a part of the re-imagining of the world, which was really tremendously fun to do. The goal that we had from the beginning was to create a universe that could support a wide range of stories and games, one that felt like a real world instead of a color-by-numbers map. We really looked to more mature fantasy as our inspiration - George R.R. Martin, P.C. Hodgell, Michael Moorcock - and worked hard to come up with a world where everyone had a believable agenda. In Ashan, orcs and elves have rational self-interest - they're not just generically "good" or "evil".
[JS] When I came on board Richard and Erwan (Le Breton) had already done quite a bit of the world building. They had some exceptional ideas and created a strong backbone with the world timeline. Since then we have been filling in the details, deepening the histories and cultures of the different factions, etc. I hope to end up giving the players a world that has both wit and weight, along the lines of tales by Neil Gaiman, Jack Vance, and Roger Zelazny as well as the "pure" high fantasy authors that Richard mentioned.
More information.

DarNoor December 14th, 2006 23:07

Where is the link to the interview?

Bargeral December 15th, 2006 01:11

found it at http://www.celestialheavens.com/viewpage.php?id=655

magerette December 15th, 2006 14:05

Well, as I've said before, Ubi has been pretty responsive to the hardcore fan base of M&M so far. I hope they follow through with MM10, because the series should not end with the abysmal MM9 title for one, and they also have got me interested in their sci-fi take, quoting Zelazny, Vance and Moorcock as influences.

abbaon December 15th, 2006 14:27

Well done, Jeff and Richard. The orcs aren't generically evil. They're just Klingons.

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