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Dhruin December 15th, 2006 22:26

Dragon Age - Forum Highlights @ Sorcerer's Place
Sorcerer's Place has a new batch of Dragon Age official forum highlights with David Gaider discussing races, death and more. Here's a bit on BioWare's broad approach to design:

That's super. There are certainly games out there that are all about free-form adventuring. Bioware has, however, always made story-driven games… so complaining that we are telling you a story is, in my opinion, a little pointless.

There are certainly degrees to the amount of freedom that one might feel they have. More optional areas to explore, for instance. More side-quests, less cut-scenes that actually take control of and move the player around… that sort of thing. But ultimately it will always be about us telling you a story and you operating inside those parameters. If you don't buy in that much, you never will.

Head over for Part 1 and Part 2.
More information.

doctor_kaz December 15th, 2006 22:26

I'm a little bit nervous about that storytelling content. I much prefer BG2's freeform map to the NWN and Kotor style hub-and-spoke system, and with that comment, it sounds like that's what DA is going to be.

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