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RivianWitch December 17th, 2009 20:42

Geralt says Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas everyone! http://holiday.thewitcher.com/index.html :D

Remus December 17th, 2009 21:41

Merry Xmas and happy holiday everyone. I am starting my annual leave today!! It will be busy holidays visiting relatives, resting and traveling with my companion, and of course cathing the Avatar movie this weekend! - so not much gaming either DA or the Witcher really.:star::party2::glomp::ahoy::flower:

JDR13 December 18th, 2009 23:17

CD Projekt sent one to me yesterday….pretty cool.

RivianWitch December 19th, 2009 00:42

Yes, I love the little write-up underneath. It's just so Geralt <- >Dandelion; especially if you've read some of the books. CDProjekt really captured a lot of the essence of the books rather well.

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