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Dhruin December 18th, 2009 21:28

Grotesque Tactics - First Video Footage
Silent Dreams let us know they have released the first footage of their humorous indie strategy RPG, Grotesque Tactics. The Youtube clip offers four minutes of gameplay.

More information.

getter77 December 18th, 2009 21:28

Removed by user it says.

fighting_faith December 18th, 2009 21:34


Sephiroth December 19th, 2009 00:56

Hehe hot stuff. very nice idea! I like those turn based games. The hero attacks are cool! :biggrin:

txa1265 December 19th, 2009 03:35

It looks like a blast … any release date?

Dhruin December 19th, 2009 08:02

A few weeks, apparently.

Phonix December 19th, 2009 08:45

Not as bad as expected! Maybe worth a look :)

Roi Danton December 19th, 2009 10:11

Nice, looks like something I could enjoy.

getter77 December 19th, 2009 14:07

Looks more likely to be a good game….definitely curious how this goes. Interesting that one of the Gothic folks is involved.

quasimodo December 19th, 2009 23:38

The four minute video looks good. I hope the game can deliver for 20+ hours.

JDR13 December 20th, 2009 00:51

I don't really care for the square-based grid, but I like the animation, and the music has a nice atmospheric quality.

skavenhorde December 20th, 2009 02:33

Looking good so far.

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