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Kawika December 17th, 2006 03:51

RPG News - Indie RPGs of the Year @ Game Tunnel
Game Tunnel has officially announced the winners of their "2006 RPG Game of the Year" awards. First place went to the dungeon-crawler, FastCrawl. Congrats to all the winners!

FastCrawl quite reminiscent of NetHack and feels like a much matured NetHack. Though sometimes it isn't quite perfect, the quick adventures of random arrangement make for a perfect combination of adventuring and role-playing that kept us playing for many, many hours hours. Perhaps the one big paradox of the game is that despite its quick games, we didn't play it any fewer hours than the longer RPGs we tried out this year. In fact, many of us here played it more.

More information.

Acleacius December 17th, 2006 03:51

Don't think I would like FastCrawl some might like the focus on timed dungeon explorations but seems completly against my play style.
Always good to see Spiderweb Software getting props.
The 5th place title seems to be a stratigy which I rarely play, don't mind TB but Strats haven't intrested me.

josephwatson December 17th, 2006 15:29

I downloaded fastcrawl and I'm enjoying it. The item selection is so interesting! For example, hot shoes of initiative lowers your fire resistance but increases your initiative. Probably will get repetitive quick, though.

Danicek December 17th, 2006 17:28

Seems like I should probably give this game a try…

screeg December 17th, 2006 18:59

IMO, Avernum shouldn't even be in these competitions. These games have barely changed in 5 or 6 years. Why should Spiderweb receive an award for re-releasing the exact same engine, rules, everything, with some new writing year after year?

Madden 2006 anyone?

Acleacius December 17th, 2006 19:54

I just thought they were releasing, new chapters or continuing story and didn't realise it was considered a Madden style rehash, oh well.

Arma December 17th, 2006 20:33

Actually, Avernum 4 is an entirely new chapter in the series, unlike the previous ones which were re-done Exiles.

xSamhainx December 17th, 2006 22:07

Fastcrawl is really addicting, having a good time w/ the demo.

Thinking of buying the full version to Alt+Tab @ work ='.'=

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