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txa1265 December 18th, 2006 22:53

PC Gaming in 2007 (not dial-up friendly!)
From the Gamespot forums, a huge list (with screens) of stuff coming out in 2007:


Below is a comprehensive list of all(at least I think so)promising PCgames slated for 2007 release.By "promising" I mean games with big chances of scoring at least AA, while extremely small chances of scoring below 7. I've tried choosing only games made by experienced developers(who made good games in the past) or for other reasons promising.

Cormac December 19th, 2006 00:21

Thanks for the link. Lots of good stuff shown, I just hope that some of the games I'm interested in are released in 07 (or at all). There are actually quite a few TB rpgs and strategy games being developed around the world.

Acleacius December 19th, 2006 04:01

Seconding Cormac's thanks for the linky. :)
Looks like your in luck must be 20 TB & Strats there, Cormac. ;)

Wow it's not cable friendly either, I got plenty of bandwith availble.
Looks like a great list, it might have gotten so popular as to choke GS, it craps out at Scared 2 on the RPGs then picks up again at Puzzles, i'll have to try it later when most are asleep. :)

Lord Alex December 19th, 2006 05:37

Hmm… Jane Jensen returns to the gaming scene… Nice! GB2: the Beast Within is still one of the best stories in a PC game… ever. Also, good to see "The Dark Eye" license being used again with Drakensang. Looking like a strong year for my favorite platform.

magerette December 19th, 2006 07:35

Huge list--it looks like the crpg drought may finally be ending.
Wonder how firm 07 is for some of these-I'd love to see Disciples III and Divinity2 this next year.
Nice that they listed so many indies as well (like Age of Decadence, Broken Hourglass and Mount&Blade) --they are frequently overlooked at the megasites.

txa1265 December 19th, 2006 20:37

As mentioned, Gamespot seems to be periodically choking on this, but it is ok since someone dump-copied the entirety of the post to the Penny Arcade forums!

Alrik Fassbauer December 19th, 2006 21:33


Originally Posted by Lord Alex (Post 12953)
Also, good to see "The Dark Eye" license being used again with Drakensang. Looking like a strong year for my favorite platform.

Yes, this is known since this early summer. There even exists an official forum at Anaconda Ganes (a label of dtp) for that.

txa1265 December 19th, 2006 21:37

It is interesting … I went back to the 2006 link and the RPG section looked pretty small, yet I seem to remember that it was equally huge when I saw it last year … revisionist history by the author?

Danicek December 19th, 2006 22:03

Thanks for the link.

Next year doesn't seem to be bad for RPGers after all. Well, we will see how will those high profile games turn out. Hellgate: London, Witcher and the like sure look promissing.
Other than RPGs, Disciples III, Mythic Wars, Sins of the Solar Empire sure look promissing (for me) as well.

Dez December 29th, 2006 02:28

*drools* Looks like it will be quite a gaming year…

Jaz December 29th, 2006 08:04

Hmmm, I might give Witcher or Grafan a try. I *will* give C&C 3 and UT2k7 a try, and I always thought I should avoid HL2:2 unless it was all about Barney, but I just saw TF2 came along with it, and the Engineer brought back sweet memories of 1997 clan matches… so I might get it for TF2.

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