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dodi73 January 10th, 2010 20:15

help please:-)

i have just a new laptop
aser aspire 8930 whit vista home premium,and i try to use some older game,but i have some problem

1.game is the Hard to be a god
no problem whit the install,but after i start the game something happen(on the screen 1 sec long i see just lines)and the game start….but…next i see is some cloudy sky and i can look around,but nuthing more,and if i click Esc,the menu is come,but just the save/load,continue,option,and exit is on that…if i hit C the screen freeze,any oder button click is nothing…exit the game,and i see some error massage…
"Exeption detected at addr 0574F7F1,Code C 0000005
Mod:TBB[C:/program files/Nobilis/hard to be a god/modules/TBB.dll],base:055d0000h
sym:file:C:/program files/nobilis/hard to be a god/modules/TBB.dll"

i dont know what is the problem…

2.Deux Ex invisible war
no problem whit install,but after….i try to start the game but i got this massage:
"Conflict with Disc Emulator Software Detected."
brand new laptop whit emulator?hmmm..but where?

thanks the help…
and im just the dump computer user!!!!!!:-))

aries100 January 10th, 2010 23:18

The message for Deus EX: Invisible War means, I think? that you probably have Nero, Alcohol 120% percent or some other dvd copying means on your computer.

I think the problem Hard to be a God probably comes from not copying the game into C: Game or C:Documents. Vista doesn't like games being copied to Program Files…

Corwin January 10th, 2010 23:21

This should really be posted in the Tech Help forum.

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