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Rawsarrow February 21st, 2010 15:04

EPIC old skool gothic3
OMG this looks awsome i would love to see this mabey for DS PSP or even GBA hahah


that looks fun

EDV February 21st, 2010 15:42

Gothic 3: The Begining. As far as I know it's only in German which I unfortunately don't understand enough to be able to play it and actualy understanding the dialogs.

Kostas February 21st, 2010 15:50

There's an English version too,although from what I read I rapes Gothics story more than FG.

Rawsarrow February 21st, 2010 16:21

hmnmnmmmm ima do a play threw and ill share the news

This is a cell emu:

This is Gothic3 The Begining:

To make the game play in the emu (which allows saves btw) click file open and find the .jar file and have fun

JDR13 February 21st, 2010 19:38

I was hoping your original post was sarcasm. ;)

Rawsarrow February 21st, 2010 20:07


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1060999492)
I was hoping your original post was sarcasm. ;)

SHH lets just play along lmao. and its EPICly akward for a gothic game it simply mocks the franshice (not my best time to be typeing just woke up)

Rawsarrow February 21st, 2010 21:58

less enteriaing than figured not worth it unless u get it on ur cell for free and ur bored.

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