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Dhruin February 21st, 2010 16:48

Obsidian Entertainment - MCA on Fallout 3
Chris Avellone's latest blog post at Obsidian responds to a fan question about his likes and dislikes for Fallout 3:

It's a testament to the game that for every thing that initially bothered me, there was a solution or a tool to counterbalance it. For example, I was exploring Hubris Comics, dropped my Power Fist so I could haul some extra loot, then came back and couldn't find it on the floor. Pissed. And then I remembered Dogmeat has the dialogue option to go "fetch" existing weapons in the environment and bring them back - so I asked him to go hunt down the Power Fist for me, and he found it in 5 seconds. Awesome. The game had enough options and tools at my disposal to insure I was having fun no matter what the challenges, so I can't ask for much more.
More information.

Bedwyr February 21st, 2010 16:48

My opinions mostly track alongside his, although I was never annoyed with the Megaton layout.

Maylander February 22nd, 2010 14:33

That is the shortest in-depth analysis I've ever read, despite containing lots of information. Mostly agree, though I'd put a few more things on the negative list.

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