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October 22nd, 2008, 21:42
IIRC alot of the good items didn't even transfer in the inventory, and Knight of Diamonds (Wizardry 2) was tough, as in I think even new characters non-transferred started off at a higher level with some magic items like the goldbox SSI AD&D game series as you moved on if a player didn't have the prior game or chose to start new chars.

Legacy of Llylgamyn (Wizardry 3) however, IIRC was easier than 2, but I recall absolutely nothing about character transferrence in that game. (I don't even remember in the Phantasie games transferred or the Wizard's Crown and Eternal Dagger transferred characters either.)

The MtG example was a bit lame as it's almost entirely out of context and would've been better suited to an MMORPG game that allowed transfer of chars from a predecessor and moreover allowed all of the items to transfer which it then would nullify by another new ability. The MtG example is called milking the cash cow (hi Blizzard!), while in CRPGs the only thing that usually applies is the initial difficulty and as mentioned above, they help mitigate it to a factor by limiting items that can be transferred and in some cases IIRC reset the characters to level 1 or some other lower level.
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