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November 28th, 2006, 16:30
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
OOOOO Wiz 9 where art thou? I think wizardry 8 is better than 7, even if I loved 7 too… I happen to like the long battles in Wiz 8, when you've played for awhile it's only the really hard battles that becomes long… since you can kill a lot of lesser creatures with a killer area spell or two. I still play it a lot of hours every year. This game has such a great replayrate…… I love the idea to play through the entire game with a Faerie on Ironman and on the hard setting Though I didn't even make it out of the monastary……. I think I'll go with easy… and drop the ironman first LOL.
I was hoping, but I guess that they didn't make enough off of Wiz8 to do it.

The worst part about that review is that it makes me think that it's the last truly good crpg that we'll ever see, given Oblivious and the general trend toward accessifying genres, or a euphemism for dumbing down rpgs so much that even koko could play.

(…and to make it worse I've gotten to thinking about who Bethesda has working on Fallout 3… sigh… )
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