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November 28th, 2006, 16:42
Direct X 10 (yeah, I’ll need to buy a new graphics card to have Aero work…)
Got to this line then stopped reading as the author is clueless. DX9.0L supports all Aero effects. There were some other factors in there that were not well thought as well IMO, such as Vista not providing goodies for game developers… and… etc. The biggest benefit from DX10 will be somewhat better performance granted by, theoretically, decreased CPU loads, newer more efficient chipsets, and more uniformity of features offered by compliant cards.

Also, I've seen several posts by various developers basically telling gamers no need to rush out and buy Vista as they won't be jumping on the DX0 bandwagon for a while, negating his little cost argument wrt GF8800. I've never spent, nor intend to spend more than $150 for a GPU, and I will use that GPU for years. My last card lasted me for c. 5y as it's only been in the last year or so that GPU memory requirements have exploded, and I like the shader effects… (I also like how he had to compare a now $129 obsoleted console to a brand new limited supply GPU. He'd've been better off comparing the PS3 to it, but then, that would've killed his cost argument…)
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