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November 28th, 2006, 17:26
… not really in any particular order …
1. NWN - the reason I am here today can be traced to NWN. After not playing many RPG's in the 'Golden Era', and then really swearing off them after hating Diablo … I was waiting for KoTOR and someone said that NWN would be a good way to 'prep' for KoTOR. But something happened - I completely fell in love with NWN. Still love it today, recentltly playing the newest Premium mods …
2. KotOR - if NWN was my road to RPG-love, then KotOR was the city I planned to visit. And it was well worth it - great story and integration of the Star Wars universe in a completely new way.
3. Gothic 2 - on the UseNet RPG group, people said that if I loved KotOR & NWN I owed it to myself to track down G2 and play it. I got it from eBay and loved it … then bought the 'Gold' version last year when it was released, and it was pure magic! Not just great by itself, but also opened me to action-RPG's, a door that had been slammed shut and locked by Diablo.
4. Baldur's Gate 2 - the pacing took me a bit - I got it in late '03 - but once I got myself into it I was hooked! It was my first 'classic' game, and the one I go back to again and again!
5. Divine Divinity - I love the story and music and characters and … well, just about everything. Proves that action-RPG doesn't have to mean mindless hack 'n' slash.
6. PlaneScape Torment - like everyone says, THE STORY! This is another one that I attempted before I was ready for the pacing … glad I persevered.
7. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - one of my all time faves; never had a real problem with bugs, loved the characters, the dialogue and just the way the atmosphere OOZED out of the screen!
8. Ultima IV - hard to choose, but this one hooked me in pretty well (as did #5). This is one that transcends the ages to remain a classic.
9. Wizardry VII - I played a bit of #1 back in the early 80's in my dorm, but never got hooked. Got the 'Collection' a couple of years ago and this was the one that I really fell for.
10. Fallout 2 - I had a hard time getting into this one at first as well … but again, it was a great game that was worth the effort.
11. Arcanum - another fantastic Troika game … story, music, setting … all gems.
-- Mike
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