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November 28th, 2006, 18:52
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Hey, look at all the feedback we've got on this!! That's why we post these stories, to garner gamer's gibberish!!
heh heh. I'm amazed at the reaction this had too. I though the article was pretty good too otherwise I wouldn't have brought attention to it.

Anyway walking into a local Gamestop and loking at the 1.5 shelves now reserved for PC games could tell you the same thing.

What I liked about this article is some of the analysis on sales figures and even acknowledges some massive contradictions in estimates.


When I was selling computers back in the mid to late 90's Apple Computer was running a Secret Shopper program. I got myself a pair of Rockports because I talked the the thing up to her. The one mistake I made she said was I didn't say that there was plenty of Mac software available on the internet.
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