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October 26th, 2008, 14:59
Don't be hurt by my following remark, your post seems to me so obvious, like an old known evidence that I suspect some cultural difference playing their role here.

You can apply this to anything, movies, music, novels, tv series, and so on. The marketing lead is more important when more money and more people is required. That's why books escape more easily to this constraint and music too but video games and movies have rude job to manage with marketing because of all the money they involve.

A first point is to quote when marketing thinks that quality is required and it's not only an abstract product that bring money like anything else. Or to quote when marketing or money lost the battle in favor of something else.

In fact you can apply this to anything like food, clothes and so on. Each time the equation is different but the purpose the same, making money, more and more.

I wonder if that (from my partial eyes) most ambitious new CRPG are coming from Europe take its source from a general mentality that is perhaps different.

Among the little details, quote how many time, any people, any media, even, you or me, failed in confusion between quality and commercial success, "that is a great stuff he sells so many…"
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