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October 28th, 2008, 01:18
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That's to bad but it's not like we did not see it coming. As far as it getting my money's worth I think that it is one of the few games that I put 100's of hours in with by friends playing on line. Was it perfect? No but I did not find it as messed up as some others were bitching it was. I have been playing games for 30 + years. You get what you can from what you are given to work with, and Hellgate was quite playable by December and quite fun to play.
I had no hurry since I had other games to play. So I waited for the "great" 2.0 patch that was suppose to be released this year but as we know it never did. I never "bitched" about the game though but the forums were full of it - I just stayed away and waited. I didnt expect flaghsip to die of bitching though - bitching is naturally inherit to all online games.

But die it did and in just six months! I dont recall ever seeing anything like this before - you dont buy triple A (hellgate was a major title) online games that go offline within year of release! As a customer I reserve the right to say I feel a bit cheated. The least they could do is release the server software to public so they can do their own hosting, but namco might just keep it to themselves to use in their other projects.

Ive played games for 20+ years and I dont usually play them on release dates anymore. I dont rush from this game to the next just based on release dates. I play the next game once I have the time and I see it has received all the patches and expansions it can get i.e I never played mass effect before it got the first patch and DLC.

But as I said I still have three months and thats propably more than enough. I didnt play wow for more than 3 weeks even. Incase of most online games month or two is enough. Hellgate seemed like an exception though because I liked what it offered. It had guns and fps style shooting.

But there will be other similar games - well atleast one - borderlands is suppose to be released within next month or so:

Little is currently known about gameplay, other than the game will feature four player cooperative play along with other singleplayer and multiplayer modes. In addition, players have access to customizable vehicles for "vehicular combat" and will also be able to customize their character. Deceased enemies will drop their equipment, which is available for you to pick up. You will be able to choose from 3 different playable characters, who each have their own unique abilities.[1] It is inspired by the Mad Max film series and Diablo by Blizzard.[1]

Like traditional RPGs, much of the player's time will be taken up by quests. There will be many quests of varying length and complexity. Many of these quests will not be mutually exclusive, and can be completed together. Gearbox wants to encourage the player to push themselves just a bit further to complete the next quest on their list. Each quest carries its own rewards, such as new weapons, or perhaps revealing a new piece of the story.[1]
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