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October 29th, 2008, 06:40
I wouldn't call her simple-minded, either; she seems like an intelligent, self-contained woman with a passion for her career and real compassion for it. But the thing is, Geralt seems to have a yen for manipulative women: Yennefer in the books (who is genuinely, frighteningly malicious and manipulative in The Last Wish, not to mention bitter), Triss (ultimately, she uses Geralt to further the political reach of the Lodge of Sorceresses: for anyone who's not read Sapkowski, she behaves a lot like Yennefer later on), or even Abigail (who probably hopes that she can sway Geralt to her way of thinking via sexual favors).

Strangely enough, Geralt's real true love, Yennefer, is not a redhead. She's a brunette.
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