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November 28th, 2006, 22:40
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
Anyway walking into a local Gamestop and loking at the 1.5 shelves now reserved for PC games could tell you the same thing.
This gets said a lot. And it's true that less space is allocated to PC Games in botique computer game shops compared to 5 years ago. But there are a few other observations that could be made regarding this besides, 'PC Gaming is dying.'

1) Botique gaming stores such as EB and Gamestop typically occupy the smallest shops in a mall. So the stores have to dedicate what little floorspace they have to the most top-selling titles. Walk into a Fry's Electronics and there are no less than 2 to 3 full aisles of PC Games… and the aisles at Fry's are quite long. Walk into a Comp USA and/or Best Buy and I see the same amount of floorspace given to PC Games as was given to them 5 years ago.

2) That the smaller gaming botique outlets have provided less space for PC Gaming doesn't reflect a decline in PC titles inasmuch as it likely reflects a growth in videogaming titles.

3) I'm still not convinced that the smaller gaming botique outlets such as EB and Gamestop even stock less PC Titles as they did 5 years ago. What they really appear to have done is stopped stocking as many 'bargain bin' PC Games. Even 5 years ago, any given EB or Gamestop tended to stock the 'top 10' newest PC Titles (a few copies of each) and everything else was bargain bin crap. The bargain bin crap seems to have diminshed greatly. But the 'top 10' PC Games are still there. So yes, there is less shelf space given to PC Titles at these stores, but it really seems to be because they stopped shelving as much of the bargain bin stuff.
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