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October 29th, 2008, 15:20
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I'm not a reviewer, but I played Oblivion and would give it a 95% score. I played it twice indeed, and only used a mod to reduce the font size. That just tells you how impossible it is to assign a 'correct' score, as it all depends on the player. Best thing for you would be to put a black tape on the review score and just read the text of the review, trying to identify what 'problems' in the review are actually things you'd like, and what good points are actually things you don't like. I've played plenty of 70-80 score games that I would give 90+ and viceversa (most recent example, PC-Gamer's Spore review, I would give that game, maybe, a 55, yet it got like 95 or something)
Well said and I agree.

Its funny some of you are already questioning the graphical aspects in genre where graphics are usaully not the main draw of the games we all say we like.
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