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October 30th, 2008, 23:54
I put it into the "…and stuff" - section:

There's an imho not uninteresting snipped from an FAQ about Oddworld:

Why is Stranger’s Wrath Xbox exclusive?

When development of Stranger’s Wrath began, Oddworld Inhabitants were still obligated under contract to produce the next three Oddworld titles exclusively to the Microsoft Xbox. However, at this time Ed Fries left Microsoft Games and the company adopted a policy which involved abandoning all games that showed any signs of innovation, including Psychonauts and Stranger.

OWI found a publisher in EA Games, who were eager for the game to also be released on the PlayStation 2, but they miscalculated how long it would take an external developer to port the game to PS2. Either the releases would have to be staggered, or the completed Stranger’s Wrath would have to remain unreleased until the PS2 port was completed. EA wasn’t willing to do either of these, so the PlayStation port was simply dropped.
I find this hint towards MS' policy interesting.

It fits quite into what other companies were doing around that time, including LucasArts with cancelling Sam & Max.
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