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November 2nd, 2008, 11:26
Originally Posted by BasiliskWrangler View Post
I'm waiting on this Platinum Edition as well. I did the same thing with the first NWN, not playing it until the Platinum edition came out nearly two years after the original release- and then I spent 4 weeks non-stop playing the game and both expansions all together! Ah, good times!
The commercial modules of NWN1 were never translated into my own language, which I would've preferred. There is no German-language collection which is *really* complete, because they are all missing. Only the two expansions are always contained. Even in the apparently brand-new "Neverwinter Nights Legends" pack. http://www.amazon.de/Atari-Neverwint…5622215&sr=8-1
It contains NWN1 plus the add-ons/expansions, plus a music-CD, the article says, and NWN2. Nothing more, it seems.
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