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November 7th, 2008, 19:28
Originally Posted by buckaroobonzai View Post
His style is based on his research and studies, basically the structure of the myth and creation stories, the Kalevala, the Eddas, and the Volsunga Saga. Of course updated to fit modern language. Yet he created a full language, Elvish, and a partial second one, Dwarven. Not only were they derivative of real languages but technically astute as Tolkien was first a linguistic professor.
Yes? And? Linguistics are great. Tolkien was a brilliant linguist. Neither makes a good story.

Tolkien's place in Western canon is a sure thing. My proof is his writing on the reading lists of high schools and universities, the lists of the greatest classics in literature of all time (along with Conan Doyle's works), and the utterly numerous articles, reviews, and analysis of his works by reviewers and scholars.

Where is your proof that his works are not?
That's, uh, not a proof. But if you want anecdotes (which is all what you've listed are), then have some: most universities with reputable lit courses I've looked at do not include Tolkien anywhere in their syllabuses. Whereas just about every single one will have Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton.

You may think they are not eloquent/snooty etc. enough
Did anyone teach you that straw man arguments make you sound silly?

These quotes almost give you away as a closed minded post modernist only looking in one direction without thoroughly emcompassing the whole. Do you have the slightest clue of all the themes, motifs, symbolism and allegory contained in his works?
You know Tolkien insisted that his work contained no allegory? Ooh, close-minded post-modernist? Hahaha. So much for debate ability.

Thats the whole problem of your statements, you can only accept and analyze what fits your world view and not acquiesce to the genius of that which does not.
Oh. I see, you're angry that someone doesn't agree Tolkien is the epitome of literature which all must worship or else. Sorry, I was mistaken for a moment that you were capable of holding a rational discussion, apologies.
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