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November 8th, 2008, 05:19
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
You can't just state that your opinion is fact and leave it at that. The only fact here is that your statement about his works being classic literature is your opinion I do not believe that it is at all factual that his works are classic literature, in fact I don't even believe they are. They are classic books, and his creation is a great work, but literature it is not, let alone classic literature.
Pretty much what I've been saying, including his insistence on stating his opinion as fact. But I don't think you'll get through to him any more than I did.

Originally Posted by buckaroobonzai View Post
As usual you missed the point about structure based on myth creation stories upon which the Eddas, Kalevala, Beowulf, Greek epics, Arthurian legends etc. all were born from through thousands of years of history and developed upon. Pretty solid foundations don'tcha think, or do ya?
"Neither makes a good story" What a pointless statement. Said in response to what? And how does LoTR not make a good story, huh……huh?
What language are you speaking? "Linguistics are great. Tolkien was a brilliant linguist. Neither makes a good story." Do I seriously need to teach you basic reading comprehension? Okay, to make it easier for you: neither being a brilliant linguist nor linguistics makes for a good story. Or storytelling abilities.

Please divulge the percentage with proof of reputable university lit courses that do not include Tolkien in their syllabi. Otherwise your opinionated hearsay is meaningless. And my proof stands since my points can be seen EVERYWHERE on the planet, while yours may or may not have even a smidgn of fact.
You didn't provide any facts, actually, and nor do I need to offer a percentage: you were screaming that adoration for Tolkien is universal. It is, very obviously, not--some professors don't consider it sufficiently relevant or sufficiently good to merit a place in their courses.

If you need proof that LoTR is considered classic literature, you need to stop reading "Waiting for Godot" in your hemp chair in your forest commune.
Wow, that's so retarded I have no words. You must be getting desperate.

Incidentally, even setting aside all the "literary snobs!1!!" whining, I don't even think Tolkien's fiction is good for entertainment. I've always found it deathly, absolutely, painfully dull.
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