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November 29th, 2006, 16:17
While not exactly positive, I view this review as being accurate. The story isn't commented on and therefore we have no idea how far this reviewer advanced in the game. He only dealt with technical issues, which, as we all must agree, is Gothic 3's worst department.

I particularly echo this paragraph:

One wrong move and you’ll be stuck in a stunned or knocked down animation while weak, low level beasts and unarmed enemies have their way with you. On the other hand, this can also work to your advantage because you can just keep swinging at opponents much stronger than you - keeping them stunned as you slowly chisel their health away. But we found this cheap - not challenging.

While certainly not bothersome enough IMHO to keep me from playing the game, it is the single most bothersome problem PB needs to address.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself coming up with all kinds of hair brained schemes to overcome your foes like trailing a group of wolves into a camp of enemies to thin out their numbers.

LOL! This isn't a drawback or workaround for the frustrating combat system, that's just good ole-fashioned GOTHIC ingenuity and the reason the games rock!!
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