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November 10th, 2008, 18:13
G3 to some extent handles the problem by starting out relatively powerful and having a relatively "short" power curve. Why you certainly are more formidable at level 60 than at lvl 1 the difference is nowhere near as huge as in AD&D (just an example) and high level chars are still quite vulnerable to the beloved boars (and my favourites, the goblin shamen) if you arent careful.

Unfortunately power curves that go through the roof appeal to a lot of gamers. Creating uberbuilds is what a lot of people expect from a RPG, and devs take this into account.

EDIT: G2 had a very tight balanced between player and enemy power that sometimes annoyed me even if it kept combat interesting, one practically had to vacuum the wilderness for wildlife during each chapter to keep up with the bosses, and that broke the immersion to some extent (which is my only complaint against what IMHO is the finest RPG ever)…
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