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November 29th, 2006, 21:42
Personally, I came very late into gaming (middle 90s and the turn of the Millennium, when I got my new PC I'm still working with). So I missed most classics. Some of them I found on flea markets, though.

No order :

- my overall favourites are all three games of the "Realms of Arcania" trilogy, and of these three I like the middle game most : Startrail. The game music plays a huge part in putting it onto the top of my list.

- PS:T is another very good game, but I didn't like the overall environment too much : too morbide, spooky and dark for my own taste. Why must RPGs always gbe so dark as if they were invented by Gothic (not the RPG here) fans ?

- The only example of a colourful RPG I know is "Technomage". I don't think you might know it. I just like it, because it is so colourful. An optical delight ! so to say.

- Gothic I. Definitively. After Zanzarah it is the most immersive 3D game I have every played. I never played Gothic II yet.

- Baldur's Gate. Nice game, although a bit too much combat for my taste.

- Wizardry 8. Ah ! What a game ! SO MUCH/MANY details I don't believe we'll see a game like this EVER again ! The most detailed game I've ever witnessed ! And I don't mean the environment, I mean just everything. The way to talk to NPCs, for example.
But too much combat. It bored me too much.

- Jagged Alliance. Interesting concept.

That's all I think. I've never played older and newer games than that. I cannot play newer games, because my PCs already too old, and I don't have the money for a new one. So I must wait.
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