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November 13th, 2008, 18:57
I've gotten way behind…

Madagascar 2
Fun movie for the kids, with some "over their heads" stuff thrown in to keep the adults entertained. Includes a handful of moments that I'm stunned made it past the PC police to the final cut, such as the lion telling the zebras (all voiced by Chris Rock) "You all look alike to me."

The Strangers
Mrs dte insisted on renting this one since we missed it in theatres. You could stamp "Based on a true story" on drying paint and she'd be all over it… I went in with a bad attitude and the movie did nothing to get me past it. Surprisingly short (75min), and pretty empty. Proper horror flicks do the "He's right behind you!" moments better and the random violence angle doesn't get played up as much as you'd expect. Barely worth the rental, IMO.

The Happening
I wanted to see this one, but I'm glad now that I didn't pay theatre prices for it. M Night seems to be fresh out of magic. He doesn't artificially force a "twist" ending for once, but the story just lacks pizzaz. You get no attachment to the characters (we were actually rooting for the female lead to die because she's rather annoying and I don't think it was intentional) and the storyline itself can't carry the film. There's not even enough there to make it a vehicle for enviro-nuts, although I think that was the overall intent. Thumbs down.

High School Musical 3
Had to take the Wild Dogs on opening night, no less. The kids enjoyed another chapter with familiar "friends", but I don't know that they really liked the movie for itself that much. I was pretty bored, although the musical number about getting dressed for prom did pry a couple laughs out of me. If you've got kids, chances are you'll have to see it sooner or later. Take heart--it doesn't totally suck.
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