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November 18th, 2008, 02:14
The article is actually about inflation of class abilities over iterations of the game system (ie a level 1 fighter could be expected to kill x goblins in the 1e, 2x goblins in 2e, 2.5x goblins in 3e etc…) items were only mentioned in the introduction as a comparision.
Hey you're right. But I don't see for the life of me what that intro has to do with the subject of the article.

The intro is talking about a progression over time that naturally takes place in any one game world (of this sort), while the goblin experiments measure an increase in initial character power under different editions of D&D's rules. The problem discussed in the intro is common (and logical) to any game that lacks item requirements and item binding; the issue discussed in the rest of the article is simply a function of the evolution of a particular game system, with no applicablility to anything outside D&D, and certainly no parallel in online computer games.

Was a first level character in Meridian 59 less powerful than a first level character nowadays in WAR? There's a question no bothers asking. Because no one cares.

I do think it's an interesting insight into D&D; I just don't think it's a good intro.
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