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November 18th, 2008, 16:45
Originally Posted by Yeesh View Post
I don't know if it's just the way the materials were presented (lots of cool maps with squares and area of effect charts), but reading about 4E definitely set me to jonesing for a CRPG based on it. But who'll do it? Whooooo?
I'm on the other side on this. I started reading the 4th ed. rules and, didn't like it at all. D&D up to 3.5 could be considered a 'simulation'. 4th ed is not, it's just a game with rules like playing Monopoly or Risc. Things don't make any sense and don't even try to make you believe you're in a different world like the previous releases.

Mudflation in D&D doesn't come as new releases of the game, as they're different things. Had the author focused more on each release's expansion books that would be more accurate. A lvl 10 character using the core books is nothing compared to a lvl 10 character that (ab)uses all the different possibilities introduced with he expansion books, obviously, that's what makes people buy the expansion books, to make their characters as powerful as they can officially be. A core book lvl 8 fighter can't kill a fire giant, but a lvl 5 fighter/2 dragon disciple (from expansion book A)/1 bladedancer (expansion book B) with a keen katana (expansion book C) with the ultra-keen feat (from expansion book D) can eat a fire giant for breakfast (made up example but explains what I mean)
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