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November 30th, 2006, 16:01
I highly disagree Gorath, everyone is responsible for their actions. Should a child molestor not be held responible for molesting children? Or a sociopathic killer for killing. My daughter is far too yound to understanbd what responsible means, but I still hold her responible for her actions. As soon as someone has an excuse not to try, such as a label saying they aren't to be held responsible, they usually stop trying.

There is no such thing as can't. Cleptomaniacs still have a will. They can try to control themselves, or at the very least take responsibility.

I smoke cigarettes, and I am addicted to them. Does that nullify any responibility on my part to not quit? Should I smoke in the house and blow smoke in my kid's face? Should I say tha starting isn't my fault and any ill that comes to me because i choose, everyday, to continue smoking is the fault of cigarette manufacturers? Or should I own up to my shortcomings and try and overcome them through force of will, intestinal fortitude, gumption, grit, guts, and taking ownership of my actions and how they can affect those around me.
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