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November 19th, 2008, 17:47
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
I really think characer death with dire consequences is necesarry, for example in NWN2 I could never feel excited about the combats at all, it just feels like a "game" since I know the characters could rest 1 minute after being dead and tip top again. It is an important reason for realism that characters could die, and I want some realisim in my RPG games, ressurection just fits right in with the spells and other stuffs.
I agree -- but the important thing is that character death is dealt with thoughtfully in the game. Simply making death permanent and leaving it at that is a worse solution than Bioware nerf-death, since all it'll do is lead to the save-and-reload rhumba, which is a sure sign of lazy game design.

If the character can die and someone reloads at least it means they have to replay that fight, if the fight is very hard, the player might consider to take the consequence of a dead character since they don't think they could play through the fight and win again. ( Happend to me in wiz 8 for example)
And this is fun, because…?

Of course as I had suggested in another thread I want to remove the entire save / load thing, or at least change the way it works. But not many people appear to be in favor of this idea.
I am. My ideal game would only allow save on quit, with no going back to a previous save, ever.

Of course, this would mean that dying would have to be dealt with very intelligently in the game, since by itself it would make most games as good as unplayable -- without some way of dealing with character death, dying would mean starting the entire game over, and without some really good motivator (i.e., completely randomly generated dungeons la Nethack) this would be much worse than the reload rhumba.

It makes me sad to hear about the gamers of today, they want the games so simpliefies and easy and with so little effort, that it removes the fun to play.
It makes *me* sad to encounter such a snooty attitude. I am a gamer of today, you know. It's also rather sad if, as it appears, you feel that the risk of dying is the only, or even the major, challenge a game can provide.

Gaming without a challange for me is to play tennis without an opponent ( Booring ), if someone would say I only play for the choice and consequences, in that case combat could just be removed completely.
Not a bad idea, IMO, if well enough developed.
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