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November 19th, 2008, 23:39
"Challenge" is pretty hard to define but that aside, I disagree standard permanent death is challenging. I die, I reload. Over 2 or 10 or 50 iterations, you either figure out the pattern or perhaps you get lucky with the die rolls. Other than wasting time replaying the same scenario, what is challenging?

[Note: thanks for the poll - I was thinking the same thing but hadn't found the time to put together the options]

GothicGothicness talks about "dire consequences". What dire consequences? Reloading? OK…that's real hard.

No reloading, save-on-quit-only is a different kettle of fish but I don't trust game developers…do you? I don't trust them to get the balance right and I don't have the time to replay the same thing over and over because someone stuffed up the difficulty. I mean, seriously, I'm sitting on the couch playing Neversummer Days: The Hardcore Hardening, 30 hours in, and I'm trying to ignore Kayla while she talks to me about the news flash that just came up on TV (sorry, honey), I lose my concentration and die. I'm just not going to start over - not going to happen.

We need a new, creative approach. Some of you guys need to accept, though, that many of us play for the experience rather than the challenge per se - and that doesn't make us new age console-ised pussies, either.
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