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November 20th, 2008, 00:16
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
..because its challenging. After running a server with over 10000 unique accounts second guessing the complaints of my players over this sort of thing became a daily occurrence.

They were used to just dragging bodies to the nearest healer at a time when the economy was ruined and a 4th level player could get enough coin in on jaunt to the dungeon. Meanwhile the player could sit and chat in limbo until their buddy fixed them up. They could get it themselves with their other character if they wanted too. Effectively it destroyed any punishment and too many players were taking on things solo with fear of loss.

When I changed it to forcing them to lie on their back in the field of battle (waiting for a buddy) or until they got so annoyed they respawned I got hordes of complaints like that one for months.

But the same people complained month after month. They didn't leave. Meanwhile my average number of players went up. I also made combat AI even harder so it was much easier to die and nerfed a lot of uber spells in this time, took out a lot of free cash and increased the shop prices for uber goods.

Again, they not only didn't leave (but complained constantly) they almost all stopped "solo'ing" and made sure to bring buddies with them on a jaunt.

It seems counterintuitive I know but its a real paradox about game design. It can be summed up in one phrase: people want a challenge.
What game was/is this?

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