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November 20th, 2008, 10:04
I hated it in the older games when you had to carry the corpses and pay ridiculous amounts of money or even use very rare items for ressurection. This was so tedious that I always reloaded instead. So I really don't remember ever using resurrection in Baldurs Gate or other Infinity Engine games at all.
Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy system - the one that takes you to the last checkpoint with money penalty and only one character barely alive and freely available resurrections (usually a bit expensive in the beginning of the game) - is much better for me, it's punishing but not forcing me to reload - it's forcing me to take more care instead. "Everyone's a Medic" is perfectly fine with me too as it fits the whole experience of modern "cinematographic" games best.

Hardcore permadeath of roguelikes and permadeath-until-reloaded of tactical games are kind of another story, it's a part of the genre.
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