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November 21st, 2008, 09:51
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
Wow, the graphics look much more improved! If you guys say story is good I might consider buying it… but camera control is still crap right?
No way - camera control is better than ever. You can set it up exactly how you want, and if that's too hard, the 3 presets now cover all the best options and it's dead easy to switch between them (dedicated buttons on the toolbar now). I use 'exploration mode' most of the time, which is basically identical to NWN. Sometimes I use the middle one who's name I've forgotten, but it's set up to be like baldurs gate or ultima 7 I guess. I don't use the third one, which is more like the witcher.

I've not really got much of a grasp on the story yet. So far the main things that the party have to concern themselves with are quite light, but I've already picked up on some fairly deep stuff in the background (as you'd expect, given the game is actually going to form part of the official lore in the transition in the game world from 3.5ed to 4th ed D&D). It's not dark though so if you like them dark and broody like MotB you might be dissappointed in the story.

Oh and the death system is cool. No 'unconscious and get up after battle'. Characters going down bleed and have to be stablised. Fail to do that in time and dead is dead - meaning it's raise dead time or a trip to the temple..

Oh and the battles can be hard too - perfectly possible to wander into something too hard, or be careless on the overland map and get into a tricky fight.
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