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November 30th, 2006, 22:11
Originally Posted by abbaon View Post
We're meat computers that run on sugar. Constrained by our genes, programmed by our environment. We have no core "I" which makes decisions independently of our programming, and none of us is responsible for his actions. We do as we are. But Korplem doesn't need to decide whether to mete out divine justice to the felon, just whether to continue his association with him. And he should, if the expected utility exceeds the projected cost.
I agree with your last sentence, but the rest is silly. People are programmed to change and adapt to change. There are no uncontrollable behaviors, just people too weak to put in the work needed to control them.

A good example would be the Judge rotenberg education center in Canton, MA. This is a school for students with extreme behavioral disorders. The director and founder of the program was a student of Skinner's.

This school consistently recieves patients of other programs who have "uncontrollable behaviors." Through a non-psychotropic behavior modification program students routinely gain control of uncontrollable behaviors. Rewards and punishments. No psychotropics.

Now, lets say I joined the program. I could get rewarded and punished into quiting smoking, or I could grab my ballsack, man-up, and quit on my own.

The minute I make an excuse and say "I can't, this is out of my control, its not my fault", I lose. As long as I realize that I am in 100% control of all my behaviors, as well as my lot in life I will be better than the people around me, glaring faults and all. Never give up, never pass the buck, take ownership and take charge, no matter what others say, the odds against you, and without regard to hardship, pain, or the punishment it brings.
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