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November 22nd, 2008, 17:18
Dude, you seriously stalked a delivery guy? Man, put yourself in his shoes for a moment. You probably freaked him out big time and to think that either no one home and dogs were his biggest worries, now he has to worry about obsessive RPG fanatics, LMAO.

This kinda reminded me of Cartman in South Park "But MOOOOOMMMM, I want my NWN2 now!" "But MMMOOOOMM…."

I've been in your shoes (when I wasn't working) getting excited when I saw that big van outside the house and that big box from outpost.com (before it was bought over by frys) delivering my new product. They only screwed up once and sent me Doom 2 instead of Dune 2, but they were cool about it and I sent it back and a few days later got it. I don't think I stalked the guys though, lol.

Funny story, thanks for that….
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