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November 23rd, 2008, 18:59
Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
Well i really dont understand that jowood wants to create their own brand,Piranha bytes want Risen so there wont be any Gothic 5?
Or will it be something like Arcania 2?
JoWooD only had three options:
1. Don't create a new brand. Then their rights expire after Gothic 4, maybe plus a couple of add-ons. After that they have nothing. No new brand to continue and no right to use Gothic again.
2. Create a new brand outside of Gothic. That's risky. Most new brands fail. Probably more than 90%.
3. Create a new brand inside the Gothic universe and leverage this popular brand. Then they have everything from option (1) plus a new brand (Arcania) they control while avoiding the risk mentioned in option (2).

If PB has the rights to Gothic 5 they can still save it and make Gothic 3 be a bad dream on the journey from the Halls of Idorath to the mainland.I cant believe they are abandoning the Gothic world
Possible. If Risen becomes a solid success PB might be in the position to pull a Bethesda when they got Gothic back. This means release a full game every 24 months followed by an add-on the next year. Founding a 2nd team would also be a possibility. They were about to do this a long time ago, between Gothic and G2.
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