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November 24th, 2008, 01:10
Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
If Jowood go with choice (3) can PB do anything with the Gothic brand?I mean not only the name but also characters like NH,Xardas,Milten,Gorn,Diego,Rhobar etc?
Yes, theoretically the whole lot would revert to PB and JoWood would not be able to use any characters created by PB without their permission- original created characters are protected by Intellectual Property laws (implied Trademarking, IIRC)- in any 'Arcania' sequel without the express permission of PB. PB could then make Gothic games and use the characters to their heart's content (almost certainly not any Arcania original characters though, depending on the text of the original agreement with JoWood) if they so desired.

I'd brace for most of the Gothic characters to bite the big one in Arcania, to be frank. It would fit with what is known of the new storyline, they won't have any future value to JoWood and especially if the split was as acrimonious as it seemed then potentially 'devaluing' what could be a competing brand won't concern JoWood at all.
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