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December 1st, 2006, 04:59

abbaon, yes that seems correct and I gave it a little thought also.
Thing is Phering is Evil and serves an Evil Master you are correct, as I understand it too from what I could get from the story.
Yet the Mage he sends us too Metalag (or somethng) couldn't possibly be training is daughter (neice?) to be a good mage if he in fact was Evil, serving the same Master Phering.

She clearly is Good, able to see evil aruas and never strays in dialgoue.
I really could be missing out on M&M lore but at the most I could see Metalag is Neutral or fighting Necros.
Metalag specificly says ingame as he dies he was sorry he dragged her into this mess and she was crying, Evil don't play that.

Why would he seek help or offer help to a clearly Evil Mage bent on helping destroy the world?
This is considering as Metalag says "I know why your here" and "better you don't know yourself"

I have no doubt that Phering was using Metalag but what could have been Metalag's possible motive to help destroy the world?
He clearly had a castle and a whole town which from the sounds of things did a good job of protecting people.
They were simple people in the town/castle area not some Doomsday cult, he oversaw and protected.

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