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November 29th, 2008, 18:35
One thing I do in my bleed down system (Nwn1) is have a percent chance based on con that you will recover a few hp's and slowly recover, get divine intervention which gives you d4 x your level back, so you are only at 0 for a round, since the bleeding is still firing if hp < 1. If monsters are not still hitting you when you are down you have about a 60% chance of surviving. If you expire you have the hardcore choice to respawn in the field or the normal choice which is to respawn at the undertakers.

I remember Darklands where you age, and I remember going back to the Monster
Allocation area to collect a dead party, from Wizardry. I guess what I am saying is that death should mean something, but not be a showstopper. I am thinking of implementing a 25 deaths you must retire script. A counter starts up after 5th level. every time you die after that it falls by 1. So on respawn you get the message death count 24, 23, 22, etc…When it falls to 0 you are done.
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