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December 1st, 2006, 15:04
I guess the only lesson to be learned here is that (at least with most US retailers return policies): If the market has evolved into such a broken state that noone is able to or feels the need to "be responsible" for the sale of a broken product and there is no responsibility (from either legal or reputational risk perspective) for the distributors of said product, then one should never buy a downloadable product. That's basically the conclusion I have come to and its really about download services in general.

The specificity of my ire w/ respect to Steam/Valve has mostly do with the fact that on my credit card statement the $50 I threw away has Steam listed on it. Also, because of my assumption (knowingly misguided on my part) that Valve would be exercising some quality control on products released via Steam. I was aware beforehand that there was no legal obligation on their part before making the purchase, but secretly hoped and justified the purchase by believing that they would be doing so out of concerns for reputational risk. That was clearly not the case, and although clearly my fault still gets me frustrated. Basically wrote off the $50, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised by the patch.
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