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December 1st, 2006, 22:07
Originally Posted by doctor_kaz View Post
Is it my imagination, or has the gaming media done a positively piss poor job of covering PC games lately? This seems to be an ongoing trend. Dismal coverage and sloppy reviewing of everything that's not World of Warcraft.
You might have a point as far as the commercial sites (like IGN, GameSpy, GameSpot, 1UP etc) are concerned. It's probably a result of the rather insane number of high profile game releases this fall/winter. From Sims expansions to BF2142, Company of Heroes, Gothic III, SC: Double Agent, MTW 2, NFS: Carbon, several Warhammer games/expansions, NWN II, F.E.A.R expansion, LotR: Battle for Middle Earth expansion, Star Wars EAW expansion, DMoMM, Oblivion expansion, Anno 1701, The Guild II, all the way to the WoW: BC beta those paid guys/writers must be running on a very tight schedule which leaves very little time for actually playing most of these games for more than a couple hours, leave alone finish any of them. That might explain (not excuse) the recent relatively high number of seemingly rather superficial reviews/previews/beta reports.
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