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December 2nd, 2006, 00:58
Well this opens a big can of worms. I think in general that rp'ing has fallen by the wayside these days. One problem who is the definitive authority on what rp'ing really is? There isn't one. Everyone has there own ideas about roleplaying a character. I could say that after running campaigns for thousands of hours I do have a clue, but there is no doctorate in roleplaying. It's all subjective. Still with cprpg's it has really declined even more, as players can justify about any action they take as roleplaying.

How many players really struggle with questions about what would my character do in this situation? Hardly any. People just react , usually in what benefits their character the most. I have seen a few people try to roleplay their characters on so called roleplaying servers. For the most part it is really a joke. People tend to roleplay caricatures of certain character types. Hauty, arrogant elves, jovial, nosey hobbits, and gruff dwarves. I once played a dwarf with a high int. I had him speak intelligently, and diplomatically for a dwarf. Not a single person got it, even other dwarves. They just did not get why he would not act like a dwarf is supposed to act. Now that is roleplaying, or what it has slid down too. Acting like other people think your character should act. If you do act that way they think it's good roleplaying. Sorry for being a bit jaded but I think roleplaying for the most part is well nigh dead, gov!




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