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December 1st, 2008, 21:44
If it has been mentioned yet, and even if it has, it's worth suggesting finding and downloading the latest version of:
Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE)
IF your video card is CAPABLE of running it (require SM2.0+ support IIRC). It WILL GREATLY enhance your visual experience in Morrowind, and if your computer/video are relatively recent and at least mid-range you should be able to run the default settings with little or no problems.

(Adds shaders, e.g. bloom and HDR effects, reflectivity, new and reflective water, extended view distances with objects. Can also be set to display triggers but that will mess up some things as the final version of things like the stronghold will be visible, but OTOH you will be able to see things like the doors on the Vivec Cantons the Ghostwall (or whatever it was called), etc. from a distance.)

The project that's adding the rest of morrowind to the game(sorry but the name escapes me ATM, maybe Tamriel Rebuilt but I'm likely wrong) has added a good size chunk of NE Morrowind mainland, and a bunch of quests. The map will be bugged in part of it as the Morrowind engine/UI was hardcoded for a specific map size which with the above mod extends it beyond it's coverage range. There may or may not be a fix for that, but you'll likely have to dig through multiple LONG threads to find the best one, which may not even work all that well IIRC.
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