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December 1st, 2008, 22:00
I've been playing it a bit and have somewhat mixed feelings about it. Made a band of Vikings -- a godi (cleric), skald (bard), berserker, and ranger -- and have been wandering about a bit. It's kinda fun, but at the same time I'm feeling a bit like the primadonna wannabie actor going "But what's my motivation?" But then I often feel that way about sandbox games.

My Vikings are also getting severely stomped in some of the sidequests and optional encounters; presumably I can get back to them later, as the main quest has been quite easy going so far. So that's probably a plus. I very much like the way death is handled -- it's significant enough to make things a bit more believable, but not so severe to really crimp my enjoyment.

But… I'm somehow just not as emotionally engaged as I was with MotB or even OC. This is a spreadsheet gamer's wet dream (dte?) but for a writing junkie like myself perhaps not so much.
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