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December 2nd, 2008, 07:13
Just finished the game myself. Wow, what an ending. Not sure what to think about all this, but I personally found the "monster sword" quote to be very fitting. I sided with the Order in my playthrough, and found the arguements on both sides to have a ring of truth.

I just have one question about the theories proposed by the first post in this thread - The game makes it clear why the King of the Wild Hunt wants Geralt around (because death follows him), but what purpose would the Wild Hunt have in thwarting the Grand Master's plans?… I mean, why bother bringing Geralt back at a specific point to set in motion those things?

Oh and one more thing: Would the presence of Alvin in the same time period as the GM suggest a clone, or rather the same being occupying the same plane of existence simultaneously (as in the Back to the Future movies). - I personally don't buy the idea of the GM being able to 'clone' himself… and again, to what end? That just doesn't make sense.

From what limited Witcher knowledge I have, the Conjunction of the Spheres suggests that there are multiple planes of existence (alternate universes) that somehow got crossed. - That introduced humans and monsters into the realm previously inhabited by the elder races. Why couldn't Alvin simply be a product of the same event? - He is Alvin in one parallel universe, and the GM in another. In fact, based on that foundation, it would make more sense to me that Alvin is not able to travel through 'time', but rather, able to travel from one universe to another.
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