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December 7th, 2008, 05:16
Okay, I finally finished the game last week. Really the best game I've probably ever played - or at least on par with Gothic and Gothic II. Anyway, I want to start one of those constructive criticism threads - what would you change about the game if you could… Or… what would you like to see different in the sequel?

I know we'll get a few haters on here, but hopefully we can keep it fairly realistic.

My list:

1) For god's sake, if I want to keep my weapon out, let me keep my weapon out!!! Don't sheath it for me every 5 seconds and/or when I stop to pluck a flower petal.

2) More cutscenes for non-critical moments to increase narrative impact - What I mean is, there were some great moments in the game that were sort of neutralized by keeping it within the actual playing engine Example:
Spoiler – Spoiler:
That's just an example, but there were plenty of other moments that would have raised the bar in the storytelling even more if they had created it more like a movie. I know some people complained about the game being too linear as it is, but they can just go play Mount & Blade.

3) More variation of character models. Yeah, the EE gave them more color choices, whoop-de-doo

4) More contextual appearances for the main characters - Example
Spoiler – Mild Spoiler:
Such is a very minor thing, but would be a little more realistic that way, which in turns fleshes out the storytelling that much more. Same for Triss and others - You're telling me that the wealthiest sorcerer in Vizima only has two outfits?

5) More weapons variatons - One thing I loved about the Gothic series was the endless assortment of weapons to choose from, and they were cool looking. There really weren't many choices in TW. There were two or three special swords available but they didn't 'fit' Geralt's look, e.g.the scimitar that is made available near the end of the game. I ended up using my heavily upgraded Witcher's sword throughout.

6) Fewer enemies in some locations. The swamp cemetery was just crawling with drowners - you couldn't possibly kill all of them and it got old really quick. Plus when you were tired of fighting them and simply wanted to get questing done, you couldn't because the game wouldn't let you enter another location until combat mode switches off. That was really annoying.

7) Get rid of the spooky beastie and critter sound effects in human controlled areas (like refugee caves and the like). The growling and grunting and heartbeat sound effects are great for a monster infested crypt, but it just doesn't fit in EVERY cave or crypt.

8) Is there any building in the Northern Kingdoms that doesn't have a 20' high ceiling? How is that even possible after looking like such a small hut on the outside?

9) More sensible and varied house layouts. Every house you enter leaves you the option of either going up or down. Incidentally, why do so many people have unused, monster infested basements?

10) Constantly being kicked out of dialogue, or having to wait until an NPC finished their animation before being able to talk again.

Those are my biggest complaints, and every one of those is pretty minor when you consider the overall product. So what does everyone else think?….
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