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December 8th, 2008, 06:34
Yes, I think the potion problem is that the game simply wasn't hard enough to force a player to use them, even on difficult setting.

Personally I kept avoiding the use of the less common potions, thinking I would save them up for 'when I really needed them.' Unfortunately that time never came, and by the game end more than 3/4 of my inventory was unused potions, bombs, and oils.

I did occasionally make use of Swallow, Cat, Tawny Owl, Wolverine, Willow, Maribor Forest, and Petri's Philter, but they simply made what could have been a hard battle really easy. - I'm not complaining too much about that - it's nice to have a challenge, but being injured to near death on every encounter is not that fun either. Plus it IS the White Wolf after all… he shouldn't be getting beat up all the time anyway!
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